About Us

“Lead with your nose.”

As kids, our Ma would share this sage advice with us before every first day of school. Honestly, to this day, we’re not suuuper sure what she meant. Were we supposed to be proud and keep our heads up? Sniff any potential new friends?

Either way, it got us thinking: The nose is a thing of beauty. An island at the center of our face, the capturer of our most evocative smellories (smell memories), a symbol of our intuition, and a key tool we use to make our way through the world.
It can also stick out from the rest of our bod, making it prone to increased sun exposure. Don’t we owe it some extra protection and a little bit of glam for sticking its neck out for us?

That’s why we created Nöz, a reef safe, vegan and cruelty-free SPF formula designed for your proudest feature. And just for a laugh, we made it available in every shade of neon under the sun. Let’s bring back lifeguard nose, yeah?

Be bold, be conscious, wear Nöz.

We love ya,
Bailey & Keegan